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Zhejiang’s One-year Environment Comprehensive Improvement in Small Towns Achieves Fruitful Results
2017-10-09 09:49:15

On September 29, Zhejiang held the environment comprehensive improvement in small towns and its mid-year assessment briefing news conference, introducing the improvement made throughout Zhejiang after its launch one year ago. Up until now, plans for 1191 small towns have been fully formulated and recorded, among which 112 plans have been acclaimed as outstanding at provincial level; the improvement project plans have been generally accomplished in designing, with more than 16,000 plans being formulated; around 18,000 improvement projects have been launched with the capital injection of 87.6 billion yuan; and for the 443 small towns put on this year’s standard-meeting agenda, 8781 projects have been in operation, with a fund of over 43.64 billion yuan already in place.
Following the comprehensive environment improvement campaign of small towns in Zhejiang starting from September 2016, six special campaigns, including ushering plan designing, developing hygienic towns, harnessing unlawful parking, harnessing reckless driving, managing random electricity wires, and regulating sectors with Low-end Enterprises that are Small in size and Scattered in scale (LSSEs), have proceeded steadily and hit with precision, to inject greater driving force for economic transformation and upgrading and inspiring the endless endogenous vitality of the small towns. It is learnt that the percentage of provincial-level hygienic towns which is 29.3% at present is expected to reach 40% at the end of year, and percentage of city-level hygienic towns is to reach 80%. It has been estimated that the qualified rate of national-level hygienic towns, provincial-level hygienic towns and city-level hygienic towns will reach 6%, above 50% and above 85% respectively.

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