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Zhejiang Plans to Guarantee the Construction of Public Cultural Services System Through Legislation
2017-10-09 09:48:13

On September 29, Regulations (draft) Regarding the Guarantee of Zhejiang Provincial Public Cultural Services (shorted as the draft Regulations below) was deliberated on and approved in groups at the 44th meeting of the 12th Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress. Reporters learned that, as for system design, the draft regulations would be targeted at intensifying cultural projects that benefit people, and meeting the basic cultural needs of the public.
In recent years, Zhejiang’s construction of public cultural services system has always been at the forefront in the country, but there still exist some problems in pursuit of development, such as the imbalance of public cultural services, the shortfalls in the comprehensive utilization of cultural resources, and the standardization and equalization of cultural products services, etc.. There is still room for improvement, as the relevant official from the education, science, culture and public health committee of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress claimed, to meet the construction goals of “Cultural Zhejiang” and “Two High Levels” put forward in the 14th Zhejiang Provincial Congress of the Party, which calls for the urge to draw the Regulations.
Urban residents hope to enjoy convenient public cultural services at the door. According to the draft Regulations, newly-built urban residential areas should be funded with1% of the investment of urban housing development for the construction of community public cultural facilities. At the same time, it stipulates that the establishment, alteration and expansion of residential areas should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, to plan and build cultural activity rooms, reading rooms, physical fitness venues and other public cultural services.

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