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Zhejiang Promotes the “At-Most-One-Time Presence” Reform on Enterprise Investment Projects
2017-10-09 09:47:20

On September 29, reporters learned from the Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission that the Overall Pilot Construction Plan to Innovate Zhejiang Investment and Financing Mode was officially approved by the National Development and Reform Commission.
The National Development and Reform Commission pointed out in the approval statement that, many contents put forward in the pilot plan, including advancing the examination and approval system reform of enterprise investment through commitment system, regional evaluation and joint review, supporting full lifecycle management of investment projects through online platforms integration and big data sharing, bringing the market function into full play and transforming the role of government through adjusting and optimizing the subjects of technical review, and others, involve synchronous adjustment and adaptation of relevant departments in fulfilling duties, which promises to reengineer the investment management process and profoundly innovate the examination and approval mode of investment projects.
Zhejiang has laid a solid foundation for carrying out innovation pilot in investment and financing mode, as many reforms in the field of investment and financing and the information management of investment projects both take leading positions nationwide. Especially since this year, according to the unified plan of “At-Most-One-Time Presence” reform deployed by the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and the Provincial Government, the province with drastic measures and tackling tough issues, has been promoting simplification, optimization and standardization in investment examination and approval, actively exploring innovation of investment project examination and approval system such as jointed review of construction drawing, regional energy assessment together with block energy consumption standards, regional environmental impact assessment together with environmental standards, and commitment system of fire fighting design, hence having a relatively large demonstrative effect nationwide.

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