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The Mid-year Assessment and Acceptance Results of the Environment Comprehensive Improvement of Zhejiang Small Towns Released
2017-10-09 09:44:35

On September 28, reporters learned from the provincial leading group office of environment comprehensive improvement in small towns, that the first batch of 36 small towns in the province has gone through the 2017 mid-year assessment and acceptance for environment comprehensive improvement in small towns. Included are 2 in Hangzhou, Ningbo and Jiaxing respectively, 3 in Wenzhou, Huzhou and Shaoxing respectively, 4 in Quzhou, 8 in Jinhua and 9 in Lishui.
“Since the action of environmental comprehensive improvement in small towns has been launched last September, the whole province has gone all out to push forward the progress and all the work goes smoothly, achieving periodic results.” The relevant officials of the provincial office on environment comprehensive improvement action in small towns said. Thus the overall improvement plan of various regions has been completely formulated, with the improvement project construction being in full swing and the special improvement initiative being carried out throughout the province.
From August 28 to September 8, Zhejiang organized six inspection teams to conduct a unified assessment and acceptance on 38 small towns in 9 districts. Each inspection team did the benchmarking assessment and item by item rating on the related improvement in small towns through listening to the reports of villages and towns, checking accounts and field inspection. Then, the six inspection teams co-chaired to discuss the assessment of each town and form the conclusion. As a result, 36 small towns were up to the standards, including 3 provincial-level central towns, 6 ordinary towns and 22 towns (market towns) , 1 street independent from urban areas and 4 towns with the function of market towns where the township government was previously located.

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