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Zhejiang Reaps a Bumper Harvest in the Creation and Production of Spiritual and Cultural Products
2017-10-09 09:43:31

Recently, the 14th Spiritual Civilization Construction “Five-One Project” Commendatory Meeting was held in Beijing, to commend excellent spiritual cultural products created in recent years and advanced units in organization work. Zhejiang’s TV series “Feather Flies to the Sky”, movie “Monkey King: Hero is Back”, and radio play “Youyou Artemisinin” were selected among the 14th spiritual civilization construction “Five-One Project”. Besides, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Office received a prize for organization.
The TV series “Feather Flies to the Sky”, produced by Hangzhou Jiaping Pictures Co., Ltd. shapes lively images of Zhejiang Merchants like Chen Jianghe, Luo Yuzhu, Chen Jinshui and others, reflecting vividly the joys and sorrows of their daily lives, and recording their struggle in creating a good life, which has rode the wave of acclaim after the broadcast. The animated movie “Monkey King: Hero is Back”, produced by Zhejiang HG Pictures Co., Ltd., reshapes the image of Great Saga Equalling Heaven Sun Wukong, the common cultural symbol and superhero of all Chinese people, and has already obtained 29 awards at home and abroad. After its release on July 10, 2015, the movie has acquired both social benefits and economic benefits, with its grossing amounting to 956 million yuan. Besides, the excellent radio play “Youyou Artemisinin”, jointly made by Zhejiang Radio&TV Group and Ningbo city, vividly reflects the patriotism, sense of mission, devotion to science among the scientists of the older generation, represented by Tu Youyou.

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