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Online Payment Service Reduces Errands for Budgetary Units
2017-10-30 09:12:49

To further promote the "at-most-one-time presence” reform, the province's financial department paved the way towards financial services, gradually implementing errand-free payment service with the aid of information technology. At the same time, at least one home visit to the provincial department is required so that the budgetary units need to run fewer or even zero errand, making the administrative process more efficient.
By creating a platform named as “Government-affairs Pay”, the provincial finance departments provide the service of paying non-tax revenue without citizens’ and enterprises’ physical presence for on-the-spot payment. Lots of online and offline payments, such as web payment, mobile payment, payment by credit card, etc., are provided on the unified public payment platform, and the Alipay, Unionpay and the collecting agencies like ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), ABC(Agricultural Bank of China) are accessible, thus people could use the platform through the computer terminal, mobile terminal, and various commercial bank outlets for their payment.
Payments, including traffic fines, social security fees self-paid by people of flexible employment, tuition and accommodations of more than 1000 schools in the province, fees for the civil service exam and the accounting exam and so on could be paid through the public payment platform. So far, 3,567 units have been accessed to the platform and payments for over 100 items have been collected through the platform. Also, 31.36 million people have made their payments through the platform, with a total of 12.7 billion yuan. Soon after, administrative fees, including health insurance fee, real estate registration fee, etc., will be incorporated into the unified public payment platform, citizens and enterprises’ physical presence for on-the-spot payment will be no more necessary as the payment can be completed through mobile phones or computers.

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