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All Inferior V-class Water at the Provincial Controlled Cross Sections Eliminated
2017-10-20 09:43:32

With the water quality of the Zhejiang provincial controlled cross sections at Santiao Quay, Luqiao District in Taizhou City, achieving the standard of V-class for three months, Zhejiang successfully destroyed the last inferior Ⅴ-class water cross section under the control of Zhejiang Province, after the inspection and account cancellation of Zhejiang and its cities.
At this point, the water quality of Zhejiang’s 221 provincial controlled cross sections reach to or above Ⅴ-class. And the inferior V-class water cross sections, reflecting the watersheds’ water quality under the county’s control and the above, has been down to 15 from 58 which was in the end of 2016, showing significant results of water control.
With regard to the micro-water control, Zhejiang has had 16,151 inferior V-class micro-water areas completed the inspection and account cancellation. Among them, 9 cities (divided into districts), including Huzhou, Shaoxing, Jinhua, Quzhou, Zhoushan, Taizhou, Lishui, Hangzhou and Ningbo, have finished the inspection and account cancellation of inferior V-class micro-water.
Zhejiang’s big rivers maintain good water quality. In the first three quarters of 2017, among the six river chief systems at the provincial level, the overall water quality of Qiantang River, Ou River, Cao’e River, Tiaoxi River and Feiyun River were excellent, except the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal having mild contamination.
The key of the water control’s achievement lies in Zhejiang concentrating on the four steps, namely “cut, clear, control, and repair”, and rapidly promoting the related projects. In the first three quarters, Zhejiang has built a new urban and town sewage pipe network up to 2,993.5 km, dredged rivers, lakes, reservoirs and ponds adding up to 100 million cubic meters, renovated 618 key local special industries and enterprises along the rivers, made 19,451 administrative villages’ sewage treatment work into the phase of daily operation and maintenance, completed the remediation of 77,057 discharge outlets, and accumulated 1.68 billion cubic meters’ ecological water distribution at the inferior V-class water cross sections under the provincial and municipal control. Related projects have basically completed the goals and tasks of the whole year.

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