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Zhejiang Delegation Arrives in Beijing to Attend the 19th National Congress of CPC
2017-10-20 09:39:16

Entrusted by the province’s 3.85 million party members with ardent expectations, Zhejiang delegates arrived in Beijing on October 16 to participate in the opening of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on October 18.
The forthcoming congress is a very important conference convened in the critical period of the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the course of winning a well-off society in China and achieving the goal of “Two Hundred Years” and the Chinese Dream.
Zhejiang’s representatives were fully prepared for the congress: earnestly studying relevant documents, doing in-depth research, extensively consulting grassroots party members and masses for opinions and suggestions to be brought to the capital.
Representatives of the party are selected from all over the province and all walks of life at all levels, showing a great diversity of backgrounds: members from cities and towns, from industry, finance and trade, agriculture, science and technology, politics and law, education, media, culture, healthcare, sports, social management and other lines, model Party members in the “three stricts and three steadies” and “Party building studies” special education, and from “a thousands good secretaries”, “ten thousand good party members”, “the most beautiful Zhejiang people” and other outstanding groups. Among them, 19 representatives are working in the first line, accounting for 37.25% of the Delegation; there are 16 female party members, accounting for 31.37%, and 2 ethnic minority members, accounting for 3.92%, both of the latter two are higher than the provincial proportions.

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