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The General Office Issues a Notice of Commendation for Zhejiang’s Two Typical Experience and Practices
2017-10-19 09:50:47

Reporters learned from Zhejiang Provincial Government Supervision Office that, a few days ago, the General Office issued a notice of commendation for 22 typical local practices found on the 4th Supervision held by the State Council. Zhejiang’s two practices were on the list, namely “Zhejiang promotes the reform of the system of ‘One Trip Having All Matters Done’ to facilitate the work of the masses and enterprises” and “Zhoushan City of Zhejiang Province builds hospitals near home through telemedicine network for island residents.”
To solve the problem of the masses and enterprises, Zhejiang, on the basis of the reform of “Four Lists and One Net”, promotes the reform of the system of “One Trip Having All Matters Done”, integrates and optimizes the operation process of the power, and breaks the information island, in a bid to achieve the data sharing, and replace “the masses running back and forth” with the “online data”. At the same time, Zhejiang also vigorously promotes the practice of “agents running instead of enterprises” and “the process running instead of the masses”, optimizes the approval process through internal transfer, changes series approval to parallel approval, and changes multi-windows and multi-sectors to one-window to handle transactions, in a bid to achieve a one-time efficient end.

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