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Breaking “Information Island” to Help “One Trip Having All Matters Done” Service
2017-10-19 09:49:38

Reporters learned from the fourth press conference of “One Trip Having All Matters Done” reform that Zhejiang is vigorously promoting the construction of “1253” public data sharing technology system, in an effort to break the “information island” among government departments, achieving the application of online services for full coverage, and striving to get the data sharing possible of the first 100 cases at provincial, municipal and county levels.
At present, the data collection of individual integrated library, corporate integrated library, credit information database data collection has been basically completed. Besides, the data demand sorting and data source identification work of the first 100 cases handled by the provincial departments has also been completed. 43 service application systems in 24 departments have basically completed the integration with “one window reception” platform. In addition, cities and counties in Zhejiang province are actively promoting the platform integration of local system with “one window reception” system. 76 municipal systems and 27 county-level systems have been opened up. The online transaction rates at provincial, municipal and county levels reached 79.9%, 61.5% and 55.9% respectively.
“In the future, some personal matters can be dealt with simply by ID card or citizen card. Enterprises can apply for licenses through government service network,” said the person in charge of provincial commission office. According to him, in the next step, the province will focus on the requirements of “one window reception, integrated service” to promote the integration between business system and “one window reception” system of each department, in a bid to speed up the completion of the city and county’s data demand sorting and confirmation.
Since this year, Zhejiang has carried out an in-depth implementation of “One Trip Having All Matters Done” reform in the enterprise investment project approval, optimizing the investment project online approval and supervision platform, comprehensively promoted the efficient examination and approval system and the entire agency system of enterprise investment projects, and the implementation of the “regional energy assessment, environment assessment plus energy consumption and environmental standards”, and extended “One Trip Having All Matters Done” reform to government-related intermediaries, and taken the lead in the construction of a joint review.

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