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Rectification on Random Road Occupation in Small Towns in Zhejiang
2017-10-17 16:00:28

On October 12 a promotion meeting to deal with random road occupation was held in Suichang to address environmental problems in small towns in Zhejiang. Up to the end of September, 1191 towns have invested a total of 21.694 billion yuan in 4359 projects to improve road conditions, with about 90% of the towns setting road monitors for supervision.
Rectification on random road occupation, one of the six actions in comprehensive environment improvement, concentrates on 6 problems related to crossing-town and in-town roads: illegal parking, piling, side-peddling, excavation, construction and billboards. Since last December, we have obtained significant results by implementing one-hundred-day rectification on crossing-town roads and in-town roads. Up to the end of September, we have improved 6000-kilometer-long roads with 131,400 sites, with 6 problems above being tackled. The rectification of 53,000 sites in 443 towns has been finished as scheduled. In a result, the road conditions have been improved.
So 11 crossing-town roads, 21.45 kilometers long in total, are listed as provincial demo sectors, and 159 in-town roads, 351.9 kilometers long, are improved to be models in cities and towns. “The result is visible, comparable and imitable.” An official from the environment management office noted that the long-run administrative mechanism has been established when management measures are implemented. The system of road monitor is covered in the whole province with the four platforms as carriers in towns.

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