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Zhejiang Carries out Food Safety Supervision
2017-10-17 15:59:48

On October 12, Zhejiang Food Security Inspection Team had an on-the-spot  check on Hangzhou’s chain supermarkets, agricultural product markets and restaurants, the first round of check after the National Day holiday as part of the “One Hundred Days of Food Security Actions”.
The inspection team picked the CenturyMart at the Peace Shopping Mall, Luojiazhuang agricultural product market and the famed chain restaurant Grandma’s Kitchen (Macheng Road store). In the “quality food zones” at CenturyMart, the inspection team examined meat, vegetables, fish and fruit, where relevant information of the actual growth, transportation and control of the food can be retrieved through QR codes. At the Luojiazhuang agricultural product market, the inspection team thoroughly checked stalls and agricultural products testing room. At the Grandma’s Kitchen, the team was also satisfied with their food processing area and disinfection work.

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