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Zhejiang Elements Shine at Achievements Exhibition in Beijing
2017-10-17 15:57:11

Since its opening on September 25 at the Beijing Exhibition Center, the grand exhibition on China’s outstanding achievements over the past five years has become a magnet for visitors. As our reporters learned from their visit on the afternoon of October 11, visitors marveled at the radiant Zhejiang elements as part of the show and were touched by Zhejiang’s uplifting contribution to the five-year development.
In the exhibition zone dedicated to “Greater Cultural Confidence, Greater Cultural Splendor” there are pictures highlighting media coverage on the G20 Hangzhou Summit. And books like Selected Final Documents of the G20 Hangzhou Summit and The Wuzhen Report on World Internet Development 2016 are in the spotlight.
In the section dedicated to the theme of “Progress in Constructing Core Socialist Values” there is a mega picture which captures the commitment of 10,000 people signing their names to mark the first integrity day in Yiwu City. It is just a snapshot of what Zhejiang has been doing in nurturing the norms of honesty and integrity toward a social credit system that is institutionalized, standardized and based on long-term governance. 
In the section dedicated to the theme of “Progress in the Structural Reform of the Cultural Sector” there is a photo that captures the voting moment of the first meeting of the first council of Wenzhou Municipal Library. Over the five years, in pursuing the cultural goal of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, we in Zhejiang have managed to put social benefits first while aligning them with economic benefits. In advancing the reform of various public cultural agencies, we have adopted a differentiated approach where priority was given to guidance and policy directions, targeted measures and coordinated performance. We have made decisive progress in deepening the organizational reform of public libraries, museums, memorials and galleries through the pilot scheme of the council management or board of directors.

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