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101 Universities in Zhejiang Launch Faculty of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
2017-10-13 09:49:38

Zhejiang is a land of hope where innovation and entrepreneurship have been buzzwords for quite some time. Cultivating talents has been at the forefront of educational exploration. Responding to the comprehensive reform of deepening innovation and entrepreneurship in higher education initiated by the central government in May 2015, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education voiced opinions of its own to facilitate the introduction of faculty and/or department of entrepreneurship at institutions of higher learning all across the province, making it possible for such faculties to emerge as the key platform to align innovation and entrepreneurship with higher education. So far, 101 institutions of higher learning based in Zhejiang have established faculty or department of entrepreneurship.
Universities in Zhejiang are among the first movers in China to cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial students and are therefore fairly experienced. As they offer innovation & entrepreneurship courses and training programs, on-campus start-up incubators and support for their students’ e-commerce ventures, legions of front-runners who are innovative and entrepreneurial have emerged. Tracking surveys conducted by Zhejiang Institute of Education Evaluation point to buoyant results thus yielded. Among college graduates who left campus between 2011 and 2015, 3.8%, 4.42%, 4.63%, 5.02% and 4.82% of the annual totals were engaged in start-ups one year after graduation, way much higher than the national averages. More importantly, fresh college grads from Zhejiang have managed to create a number of representative start-ups. To develop a culture that is friendly to innovation and entrepreneurship, universities across Zhejiang have deepened pedagogical reforms, created start-up platforms, launched innovation and entrepreneurship courses, and hired industry experts to fuel mentorship. As college students in Zhejiang become increasingly innovative and entrepreneurial, new blood for local economic development is on the horizon.

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