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Zhejiang to Open up a New Chapter
2017-10-12 06:38:21

Zhejiang, a major province in opening-up, now is standing at a new historical starting point, ready to go further, just like tides from Qiantang River forging ahead.
On October 9, the first day after the National Day, an article in Zhejiang Daily, Qianjiang River Heads for Oceans: General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Exploration and Practice on Opening-up in Zhejiang, has attracted great attention from the public. Very soon this article was reprinted by such mainstream media as People. com. cn and Guang Ming online (GMW). The latter published a series of commentaries on Xi’s creative exploration and practice in building socialism with Chinese characteristics in Zhejiang. Commentators of GMW believed that thoughts which were proved correct by history meant a lot not only to Zhejiang, but to the whole country at large, that is how to make Zhejiang Practice become part of China’s Experience.
Zhejiang people, being inspired by the article, will stick to 88 Strategy, made by Xi, and his exploration on opening-up, because they serve as pace-setters when Zhejiang proceeds a new-round of opening-up, based on One Belt and One Road Initiative.

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