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The 4th World Zhejiang Entrepreneur Convention in the Pipeline
2017-10-11 09:41:18

On September 30, the first meeting of the organizing committee of the 4th World Zhejiang Entrepreneur Convention was held in Hangzhou. Those who were present at the meeting recognized that the convention is a premier platform for Zhejiang entrepreneurs all over the world and is Zhejiang’s most valuable brand. Running a successful convention is a key move to channel the power of Zhejiang entrepreneurs and pool their collective wisdom, a key move to implement in a comprehensive way the circular No. 25 (2017) of the CPC Central Committee, aiming to promote outstanding entrepreneurship and give full play to the role of entrepreneurs, and also a key move to put into practice the spirit of the 14th Party Congress of Zhejiang Province and to empower the “6 Zhejiang Drives” and “4 Engines”. CPC committees and people’s governments at all levels as well as related provincial departments in Zhejiang will do well to study and implement in an earnest manner the very spirit of General Secretary Xi’s important speeches which will help reinforce our unity in thinking and focus our efforts on making the best possible preparations for the forthcoming convention.
The success of the World Zhejiang Entrepreneur Convention hinges upon meticulous preparations. Therefore, it was decided at the meeting that related government departments and agencies across Zhejiang shall work together to do such a good job in designing and planning both the opening ceremony and the forum of the 4th convention that Zhejiang’s distinctive position as a strategic link along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road is fully leveraged and that the convention is an invitation open to global experts and entrepreneurs, making it a family reunion for Zhejiang entrepreneurs and a party for talents.

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