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Reducing Cost and Burden to Reinforce Supply-side Structural Reform
2017-10-11 09:39:24

On September 30, the provincial government hosted a provincial CPPCC
meeting for key proposals. Deputy Secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, Governor of Zhejiang Province Yuan Jiajun listened to opinions and suggestions from provincial CPPCC members and was engaged in in-depth exchanges. Chairman of the provincial CPPCC Qiao Chuanxiu attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
This year Yuan Jiajun had the provincial CPPCC’s key proposals No. 130 (on the promotion of cost reduction of real economic enterprises) and No. 225 (on the effective reduction of the actual economic operating costs) dealt with. During the meeting, the people in charge made a response, and relevant members of the provincial CPPCC expressed satisfaction with the preliminary work and the reply.
Yuan Jiajun expressed his gratitude to the provincial CPPCC for its long-term concern and support for the work of the provincial government. He pointed out that the key proposals were closely linked to the deepening of the supply-side structural reform of the main industries, which seized the key issues in the economic transformation and upgrading, met the needs of prospective market players, and were accurately targeted and constructive as a strong impetus for the government’s further work of reducing the cost. He stressed that we should thoroughly study and implement the important instructions General Secretary Xi Jinping gave on the work of the CPPCC and the CPPCC proposals, actively process proposals, strengthen democratic consultation, and promote the work of the government.

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