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Ningbo and Zhoushan Jointly Hold Emergency Drill on Road Accidents Involving Hazardous Chemicals on Trans-oceanic Zhoushan Bridge
2013-11-18 10:20:36

Date of issue: Nov. 18, 2013

Source: The Provincial Department of Transport

  To upgrade the organization, coordination and cooperation of Ningbo and Zhoushan in handling emergency accidents on the Trans-oceanic Zhoushan Bridge, and to enhance the rapid response capacity of the management departments of the Bridge during emergencies, the Bridge Construction and Management Bureau of Zhoushan, the people’s government of Zhenhai District and the Management Committee of Ningbo Petrochemical Economic & Technological Development Zone jointly held the 2013 Emergency Drill on road accidents involving hazardous chemicals at the Chuanjiao Intersection on the Trans-oceanic Zhoushan Bridge on the afternoon of Nov. 12. Nearly 20 departments and work units participated in the drill. Under the joint command of the Emergency Aid Center of the Trans-oceanic Zhoushan Bridge and the Emergency Headquarters of Chemical Accidents of Zhenhai District, they worked together with dedication. The good coordination and teamwork guaranteed the complete success of the drill.  

  This drill incorporated bold innovation and actual combat simulation, and is the first combined emergency drill organized by the Bridge Service Management Team and the management departments concerned of Zhenhai District, NIngbo since the Bridge went into trial service. It is also the first time that the drill is positioned at the Bridge’s Chuanjiao Intersection which connects the local roads of Zhenhai and the belt highway of Ningbo. Vehicles to transport hazardous chemicals which heavily impact road traffic and transportation were purposefully included in the drill.