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Huzhou Holds Emergency Mock Drill on Road Accidents Involving Hazardous Chemicals
2013-11-18 10:45:13

Date of issue: Nov. 12, 2013

Source: Department of Transport of Zhejiang Province

  To improve the emergency treatment capacity and cooperative work, a mock drill of road accidents involving hazardous chemicals on Huzhou highways was jointly hosted on the morning of Nov. 7th by the Office of Emergency Management of Zhejiang provincial government, Huzhou Municipal government, Zhejiang Communications Investment Group CO., LTD, the Fire Department of Huzhou and other related departments. The highway administration team took an active part in this drill.

  The location of the drill was the middle ramp between 61K of the S12 Shanghai-Jiaxing-Huzhou Highway, Jiaxing direction and S13 Lianhang Highway, Hangzhou direction. Driver Li was driving a tank car loaded with hazardous chemicals and was rear-ended by a bus. Over 10 people in the two cars were killed or injured, liquid ammonia leaked, and traffic was suspended. The traffic jam extended over 3 kilometers. After the accident, information was reported, decisions were made, command was taken, the road was closed and traffic was diverted. Highway police, highway management, fire department, first aid, environmental protection and public health departments and vehicles quickly arrived to rescue the wounded, remove the hazardous chemicals and evacuate people. The drill lasted two hours and was a complete success.

    This drill is a three-level combined action, with a main site, a branch site and an accident-handling site. The purpose of the drill is to make use of the intelligent highway operation and service command platform, give play to the comprehensive functions of the provincial service and command center in information collection, emergency command, coordination between road networks, etc. It also aims to test the emergency reaction, handling and coordinated work of local governments, related departments and highway management. This will help improve and upgrade the emergency mechanism and level of handling highway emergency accidents.

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