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Quzhou Taoyuan Qili Tourism Complex Project
2013-11-16 15:40:44

Project Background and Construction Conditions: Qili Town is located in the northwest of Quzhou city. With its west bordering Xinqiao Town, its northeast adjoining Taizhen Town, its south next to Shiliang Town and its southeast adjacent to Jiuhua Town, Qili Town is 33 kilometers from the city of Quzhou, with a total area of 60.45 square kilometers. With an average altitude of 650 meters, the forest coverage rate of the town is 98%. And the population of the town is 5,082, consisting of 64 villages. Since the start of agritainment in 2005, the town now can accommodate 1,555 beds. In 2012, 470,000 tourists came to visit the town. By fully exploring its eco advantages and making use of its rural cultural resources of rural idyllic landscape, beautiful scenery and farmer life style, Qili has developed the Alpine Vegetable Pickup Base, Xiangxi Valley Drifting, the Cemetery of Red Army Martyrs and the other activities. Qili is bestowed with many national and provincial honors, including the National Agricultural Demonstration Site, the National Eco-demonstration Town, the Top Hundred Strong Tourism Towns in Zhejiang, the Top Ten Towns with Special Features in Zhejiang and the Town with the Most Valuable Tourism Value in Quzhou. Because the town has successfully launched a series of campaigns with high quality, such as Zhejiang on-the-spot meeting on agritainment and East China Tourism Fair and Kecheng Village Festival, the influence and the reputation of Qili has been further enhanced. In 2011, the town began to dedicate itself to the creation of the National AAAA Taoyuan Qili Scenic Spot. To better improve the basic facilities of tourism, the town has built a reception center with an area of 2,000 square meters. The site for the project is intended to be located within the town of Qili, Kecheng District, Quzhou. With Hua Da Highway running through the whole town and passing eight villages, Qili enjoys a convenient traffic. Now with Kecheng section of Hangzhou-Xinanjiang-Jingdezhen being under construction, Quzhou Taoyuan Qili Tourism Complex Project is feasible.

Project Preparation and Progress: The compilation of the plan for the project is in progress.

Project Construction Scale and Content: The total investment is estimated to be 450 million yuan through a package development of Aerial Photography Culture Transmission and Tourism Complex Project. With an area of 2-3 square kilometers, the project is intended to establish Aerial Photography Culture Transmission Center, Leisure Tourism Center, Cultural and Creative Center, Conference Center and Agricultural Sci-tech Center. The annual total business turnovers are expected to be 100 million yuan and the investment payback period will be about 10 years.

Cooperation Mode and Content: The project can be operated through sole proprietorship, joint venture or cooperation. The fund required for the project will be raised by the investment companies. Qili Township Government of Kecheng District will provide an all-sided service in terms of policies, basic facilities and the investment promotion on the tourism complex project.

Cooperation Conditions Provided by the Chinese Partner: Quzhou Qili Tourism Development Co. Ltd. will provide a one-stop service to the investment companies.

Status of the Chinese Partner: Quzhou Qili Tourism Development Co. Ltd. has now 35 employees, 5 of whom are tourism specialists with junior professional titles or above. Qili eco-tourism enjoys abundant resources, including Daguping Mountains with an altitude of 1,327 meters, Old Eagle Rock with an altitude of 1,151 meters, Yanghua Waterfall with a drop of 70 meters, Flying Stone Waterfall, Zhinling Rock Forests and Wangchuan Cave.

Contact Person: Xueqin Mao

Telephone: 0570-2985807

Fax: 0570-2985102

Address: Qili Township Government of Kecheng District, Quzhou

Postcode: 324015

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