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Transfer of Operating Rights of Longyou Section in Hang-Xin-Jing Highway
2013-11-16 15:46:54

 Background and Construction Conditions: Since it commenced operation at the end of 2006, the Longyou project of Hang-Xin-Jing Highway has gained a large increase in traffic and is expected to have a promising growth in profit. The project is normal in construction procedures, clear in finance, and complete in necessary facilities. Considering factors such as capital turnover and capital demands on new projects, the Transportation Development Corporation of Longyou County, the independent investor of the project, intends to transfer the project at a proper premium.

Traffic Situation: The average daily traffic volume was 3690 vehicles in 2007, 5218 vehicles in 2008 and 6263 vehicles in 2009. The traffic is expected to have a natural growth of 8% from 2010 to 2015, a drop of 20% after the opening of the Hang-Xin-Jing Highway in 2005, and a growth of 10% after 2015.

Operating Revenue Analysis and Forecast: (1) Toll Revenue from 2010 to 2035: 114.75 million yuan on the average annually (2) Service Area (including gas stations, restaurants and others) Leasing Contract Revenue Forecast: 500 thousand yuan of cash income per year from the gas station before 2016, 2.5 million yuan per year after 2017, 2.27 million yuan per year from catering and other services starting from 2013.

Project Preparation or Progress: open to traffic since the end of 2006  

Project Scale and Content: The Longyou branch of Hang-Xin-Jing highway is an important part of the province's highway network. It connects Hang-Qian highway in the north and Long-Li Highway in the south, and crosses Hang-Jin-Qu highway from the east to the west. The Longyou section, with a full length of 20.38 km, is a two-way highway of four lanes with the land of another lane of each way reserved. Projects include a service area, management office space, toll booths and a maintenance work area.

Method and Content of Cooperation: sole proprietorship, joint venture or cooperation

Conditions for Cooperation Offered by the Chinese Side: meeting

Brief Introduction to the Chinese side: Communications Bureau of Longyou County

Contact: Ye Yongbo

Tel: 13967016515   Fax: 0570-7014520

Address: No. 19, North Xinglong Road, Longzhou Sub-district, Longyou County

Zip Code: 324400

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