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Department of Justice of Zhejiang Province
2012-06-11 23:13:43

Address: 11 Shengfu Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Post code: 310007

Telephone: 86-571-87054359,86-571-87050509,86-571-87054364,86-571-87054435

Email address: ssft@zj.gov.cn

Website: http://sft.zj.gov.cn/ (English)

Major Responsibilities:

1.To implement the guiding principles, policies, laws, statutes and regulations for the nation’s judicial administration, and draft the local statutes and regulations for judicial administration; and to formulate and supervise the implementation of the medium and long-term judicial administration plans.

2.To guide and supervise the execution of punishment and criminal reform work for prisons in the province.

3.To take charge of the management of rehabilitation through labor and the drug abuse rehabilitation for the judicial administrative system and take corresponding responsibilities.

4.To guide and administer community correction work in the province.

5.To draw up and organize the implementation of plans for legal publicity and education in the province; and to guide legal publicity and education and the law-based administration in various regions and industries and external legal publicity.

6.To guide and supervise the practice of lawyers, legal services at grassroots levels, and notarization in the province; to administer comprehensively social legal service institutions and Zhejiang-based foreign (overseas) law firms.

7.To guide the offices of justice at the grassroots level under the provincial judicial administrative organs and the mediation, education and settlement work for people; and to participate in the comprehensive control of social order.

8.To guide and supervise law-based administration under the provincial judicial administrative system. To participate in relevant legislation work in the provincial judicial administration; to take charge of the register of arbitrary commissions; and to guide legal affairs involving Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in the provincial judicial administration.

9.To take charge of register administration of the provincial justice appraisers and institutions.

10.To supervise and administer provincial legal aid work; and to guide and coordinate the provincial “12348” legal service work.

11.To organize the implementation of the national judicatory examination in the province.

12.To guide the fostering of the provincial judicial administration staff and Party building and ideological and political work at the grassroots level; to guide the higher vocational education on judicial administration; to administer the leadership groups of the provincial prisons and centers for reeducation through labor and the higher vocational institutes subordinate to Zhejiang Department of Justice, and assist the Municipal Party Committee to administer the leadership group of the judicial administrative organs; to cooperate in the accreditation of professional and technical posts of legal services and so on; to take charge of the police affairs administration and supervision in the provincial judicial administration system.

13.To take charge of the internal audit of the directly subordinating units and the audit of the economic accountability of the Department-administered cadres in province-owned prisons and centers for reeducation through labor; and to guide the internal audit of the provincial judicial administration system.

14.To guide and coordinate the informatization construction of the provincial judicial administration system; to guide and administer foreign affairs in the provincial judicial administration system; to undertake business transactions with corresponding international organizations, and to launch legal exchange and cooperation activities at governmental and non-governmental levels.

15.To guide the administration of firearms, ammunition, garments, vehicles, communication equipment and other materials and equipment supplied for the provincial judicial administrative system.

16.To undertake other tasks assigned by the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province.

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