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Department of Civil Affairs of Zhejiang Province
2012-06-11 23:13:43

Address: 32 Baochu Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Post code: 310007

Telephone: 86-571-87050253

Email address: mztbgs@zjmz.gov.cn

Website: http://mzt.zj.gov.cn/english.jsp (English)

Major Responsibilities:

1.To implement the laws, regulations and rules of civil affairs; to draft local laws, regulations and rules about the administration of civil affairs; to make and implement the plans and policies of developing civil affairs in the whole province; and to guide the work of civil affairs at the grass-root level.

2.To collaborate with relevant departments to formulate plans and policies of developing social work in the province; and to promote the development of social workers and related volunteer groups.

3.To be responsible for the registration, supervision and law enforcement of social groups, foundations and private non-enterprise organizations.

4.To support the army and give preferential treatment to the families of the enlisted and martyrs, to offer favorable treatment and pension to the families of the enlisted, to offer qualification and honor to the martyrs, to evaluate the degree of disability, and to examine and approve the conferring of the honorable title of martyr; and to undertake routine work of the Office of Mutual Support in the provincial government.

5.To be responsible for the reception, arrangement and service for retired military officers, demobilized soldiers and retired employees without military status from the army; to construct and manage the data base of the demobilized soldiers in the province; to coordinate and supervise the management and maintenance of army supply in the province; and to undertake routine work of the Office of the Arrangement of Demobilized Soldiers and Retired Military Officers.

6.To be responsible for disaster rescue and relief, the checking, reporting and issuing of disaster information, and the supervision of the allocation and use of the funds and articles for disaster relief; to formulate contingency plans for natural disasters, and to guide the construction and management of public shelters and settlement in disaster; to organize, guide, and receive social donations; and to offer guidance to the settlement of disputes over collapsed residential houses in rural areas according to provincial policies.

7.To take the lead in formulating plans, policies and rules of social assistance, and to enhance the social assistance system in both urban and rural areas; to guide and supervise the implementation of the minimum living standard security system, medical assistance, and temporary assistance for both urban and rural residents, and assistance for the unsupported people; and to identify the low-income families in the whole province.

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