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Department of Supervision of Zhejiang Province
2012-06-11 23:13:43

Address: 547 Tiyuchang Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Post code: 310007

Telephone: 86-571-870572480086-571-88070995

Email address:

Website: http://jct.zj.gov.cn/ (Chinese)

Major Responsibilities:

1.To carry out administrative supervision across the province, to implement decisions concerning administrative supervision by the State Council and the provincial government; to supervise the implementation of laws, regulations, policies, decisions and national economic and social development plans by the departments and staff of the provincial government, municipal governments and their leading officials and other personnel appointed by the provincial government; and to coordinate and supervise the work of relevant departments in the province in rectifying departmental and industrial malpractice.

2.To investigate and handle cases of the departments and staff of the provincial government, municipal governments and their leading officials, and other personnel appointed by the provincial government in violation of national laws, regulations, policies and administrative disciplines; to impose or advise imposing administrative penalties, in accordance with laws, to people who are held responsible; to take over and handle directly, when necessary, more important or complicated cases which are under the jurisdiction of an administrative supervision organ at a lower level.

3.To handle appeals from those who are under supervision but unconvinced by the disciplinary actions taken against them; to accept and handle accusations by individuals or organizations against those under supervision; and to protect the lawful rights and interests of staff members of the government.

4.To draft local laws and regulations of administrative supervision; to formulate standardized documents and policies in administrative supervision; and to modify or revoke improper decisions or regulations by administrative supervision organs in cities and counties (including county-level cities and districts).

5.To design programs of discipline education; to assist relevant departments in publicizing the principles, policies, laws and regulations concerning administrative supervision; and to instruct staff members of the government to abide by laws and disciplines, to be honest and upright.

6.To conduct theoretical studies on administrative supervision; and to conduct investigations into symptomatic problems in administrative supervision.

7.To undertake other tasks assigned by the Ministry of Supervision and the Provincial People’s Government.

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