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Development and Reform Commission of Zhejiang Province
2012-06-11 23:13:43

Address: Building 8, Provincial Administration Center, 479 Tiyuchang Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Post code: 310007

Telephone: 86-571-87056941

Email address: zjjxw@zjjxw.gov.cn

Website: http://www.zjjxw.gov.cn/english.htm (English)

Major Responsibilities:

1.To organize the compilation and implementation of the strategies of provincial economic and social development, medium and long-term plans, and annual plans; to plan system reform and to establish and improve the system of developing and planning; to be in charge of comprehensive administration of drawing, verifying, adjusting and evaluating plans; to organize the compilation, verification, examination and approval of regional plans and key special plans; to balance regional plans such as overall land use plans and rural and urban plans with special plans; and to organize the compilation of plans for major functioning zones, coordinate the implementation of these plans, and be responsible for monitoring and evaluation of the implementation.

2.To balance important economic aggregate in the province such as aggregate demand and aggregate supply and key ratios, and put forward goals and policies on economic development, optimizing major economic structures and implementing sustainable development strategies; to organize the formulation of strategies and plans for harmonious regional development, and guide and promote regional economic development harmoniously; to organize, study and put forward development strategies and major policies on urbanization and urban-rural integration and promote well-balanced development of urbanization and urban-rural integration; to organize the compilation of development plans for land improvement, reasonable utilization of resources, and marine economy; to organize relevant contact and assistance for under-developed regions; to put forward annual plans to turn agricultural land into construction land for key provincial projects, and implement and administer them jointly with relevant departments; to take responsibility for linking Central Government-owned Enterprises; and to undertake the work on collaboration among areas in the Yangtze Delta.

3.To provide forecast, warning and information guidance for macro-economy; to study and analyze important issues concerning provincial economic operation, aggregate balance, economic security and general industrial security, and put forward suggestions on control policies; to analyze and collect financial, banking, and price operation materials, guide and coordinate price-related matters in the province, participate in working out financial, price and land policies, study and put forward goals and policies for direct financing in the province, and coordinate and solve major problems in economic operation; to study and formulate issuance programs, policies and measures for provincial corporate bonds, and verify, examine, approve, and supervise issuance of corporate bonds; and to submit reports on economic and social development to the Provincial People’s Congress on behalf of the provincial government.

4.To study and put forward provincial industrial development strategies, organize the formulation of comprehensive industrial policies, coordinate major issues concerning the development of the primary, secondary and the tertiary industries as well as balance the industrial development with relevant development plans and key policies, and promote strategic economic restructuring; to formulate the development strategies and key policies for the provincial service industry, and guide and coordinate the development of service industry; to arrange service projects and organize the assessment of the development of service industry; to study and guide construction plans and overall layout for provincial market distribution facilities; and to be in charge of the planning management of key produce imports and exports, important commodities such as grain, and material reserves.

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