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Development of Tourism, Leisure and Holiday of Huanglong Island, Shengsi
2012-05-30 16:57:22

Development of Tourism, Leisure and Holiday of Huanglong Island, Shengsi


Project site: Shengsi County


Background and construction conditions:

    Huanglong Island, Shengsi is at the conjunction section of the mouths of Yangtze River and Qiantang River, the east gate of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo and 1.7 sea mile from Sijiao Island, the major island. The island is full of natural and cultural tourism resource. You can see numerous inscriptions on huge stones of Ming and Qing Dynasty. There are abundant offshore products. The people here are very friendly. It unique natural and cultural landscape is ideal for the development of leisure and tourism project.


Construction scale and content:

    The project covers offshore recreation, reef fun, islet explore, bay fun, sightseeing, mountain top view, fishery life, etc. with total investment RMB 80 million Yuan.


Preparation and progress status:

    The tourism project developed on Huanglong Island is mainly focusing on natural landscape. The feasibility research of the project has been conducted and is listed in “11th Five-year” tourism development plan of Shengsi.


Cooperation mode and content:

    Joint venture and cooperation. The investor provides the capital and modern management mode while Shengsi Business Invitation Bureau provides land and complete service.


Contact mode:

Contact unit: Shengsi Business Invitation Bureau

Contact person: Yao Cunchuang  

Address: 8 Yunlong Road, Caiyuan Town, Shengsi County, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province

Tel: 0580-5089393  

Fax: 0580-5087712

Postcode: 202450

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