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Tashan Weir
2012-05-30 14:52:18

Tashan Weir



  As one of the historical sites under state protection, Tashan Weir is situated in the west of Yinjiang Town of Yin County and it is a masterpiece of water conservancy project of ancient China. The weir features an impressive size and refined structure, and ranks among ancient China's top four water conservancy projects together with the Zhengguo Weir, Ling Weir and Dujaing Weir.


  Siming Mountain stands high in the west of Yin County, winding its way like a snake, and covers rainy areas of over 350 km2. Every Spring and Autumn, heavy rain would bring disastrous floods and numerous people, animals and plants in nearby areas have suffered hard from it for hundreds of years. During Taihe Period of Tang Dynasty, that is, 883, Wang Yuanwei, who came from Langya of Shandong Province and held office as Magistrate of Yin County, was determined to build the Tashan Weir so as to eradicate the threat of floods.


  According to The Record of Siming Tashan Weir, on the south of a local stream lied a high mountain while on the north was a flat land where a hill sits. As there were no other hills around on the plain, it acquired the name "Tashan Hill"(Tashan is the Chinese Pinyin meaning "the solitary hill"). In the past, the salty waves of Fenghua River rushed up to Pingshui Pool and had such a terrible impact that "No lands were cultivable and no people had fresh water to drink however thirsty they were." In order to prevent the local agriculture from natural calamities, Wang Yuanwei ordered to set up the Tashan Weir.


  Tashan Weir is a spectacular project, 113.73 m long and 4.8 m wide. It was made of rocks of 2.3 m long, 1 m wide and 0.3 m thick. In order to make the weir stronger, the builders poured the melted iron in it. Thanks to the weir, more than 200,000 mu (A Chinese unit of area) lands of 7 towns in the west of Yin County got irrigated. "With the donation of the public and the allocation of governmental reserves, the weir enables the local people to drink fresh water and the businessmen to transport their goods. The local people depend largely on it and benefit a lot from it." When a heavy flood overflows the weir into the Fenghua River, it would flow along Yong River to Zhenhai and empty into the ocean. In this way, the impact of the flood was lessened to a large extent. Tashan Weir is a famous piece of works, boasting a scientific design and favorable geographical position. It can not only ease the flood and drought, but also adjust the volume of running water.


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