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Wang Guowei's Former Residence
2012-05-30 13:18:37

Wang Guowei's Former Residence


Wang Guo Wei, also known as Jing'an or Guantang, was born in Haining. As a reputable modern scholar engaged in philosophy and literature, he moved to Beijing in 1907 and accepted the position as a library editor of Study Department. There he studied China opera history, Chinese traditional poems and melodies. After the breakout of Xinhai Revolution, Mr. Wang travelled to Japan to study scriptures. In 1924, Mr. Wang was retained by Beijing Tsinghua Research Institute as a hierophant. His masterpieces include "History of Song and Yuan Dynasty operas”, “Glance at Ancient Ceremony Articles”. Wang Guo Wei lived in Haining during his youth hood.


Website: http://www.jxcnt.com/lishiwh/mingrengj/wanggouwei.php

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