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Former Residence of Mao Dun
2012-05-30 13:05:31

Former Residence of Mao Dun 

 Reputable Chinese revolutionary litterateur Mao Dun (also known as Sheng Yanbin) once lived in this residence during his childhood and boyhood. This domicile was named "Guan Qian Street Aged House".

  First built in the middle of 19th Century, it is a four-room-double-entrance building, consists of the east and west units. Around 1885, Mao Dun's great-grandfather bought this building for habitation. Behind the building, there was a small garden. In the beginning of 1930s, Mr.Mao drafted and rebuilt this residence into a Japanese civil residence style study himself.

  From his birth in 1896 to 1910, Mao Dun had lived there for 13 years, and annually he would come back for a short visit. But when Mao's mother died in 1940, he cut off connections with homeland, and never returned.

  In 1983, with the permission of CPC Center Committee, this building is completely repaired and opened on July 4th 1985, at the eve of Mr. Mao’s 89th birth anniversary. In 1988 this site is entitled as a national key culture relics protection unit.

  The "Li Zhi College" on the east of Mao's former residence, where Mr. Mao studied during his childhood was fixed in July 1991."Li Zhi College" exhibits a theme of "youth Mao Dun's hard work”, including abundant precious old photos, Mao’s handwritings, original edition journals, his inscriptions, letters and part of his mementos. It also treasures up Mr. Mao’s first ink script, composition book at 13 and the last script. All of these are introducing Mr. Mao’s pendent revolutionary and literary activities in his lifetime systematically.

Contact Information:

Address: 17 Guanqian Street, Wuzhen, Tongxiang, Zhejiang

Opening Hours: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Tel: 0573-8711638, 0573-8711377

Website: http://www.maodun.org/

E-mail: mdjng@126.com

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