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South Lake Revolutionary Memorial
2012-05-30 12:48:16

South Lake Revolutionary Memorial



  The South Lake of Jiaxing is a famous beauty spot in South China, known as one of the three greatest lakes in Zhejiang Province. In July 1921, the CPC held its first national delegate conference. It is transferred to the South Lake later, and finished its agenda on a ferry. This conference passed the first Creed and Resolution of CPC, elected central organs and declared the foundation of CPC. From then on, this lake is respected as a key revolutionary sanctum. For commemoration of this historic event and the first delegate conference of CPC, this memorial was built and completed on October 11th, 1959 in honor of the CPC Center Committee.

  In June, 1990, the Committee of CPC's Jiaxing Committee and the city government called up an activity named "My contribution to the South Lake”. This activity collected 3,200,000 RMB and set up a new hall for the South Lake Revolutionary Memorial. This building occupies 3,800 square meters. The construct acreage is 1,980 square meters. The plane layout of its main construction is design after the emblem of CPC. This construction completed and opened officially on July 25th 1991, before the celebration of CPC's 70 birthday.

  The new hall exhibits a basic display called "Documents of the First National Delegate Conference of CPC" on the second floor. This exhibition introduces the historical period from the Opium War in 1840 to the foundation of the CPC systematically. And a subsidiary display in on the first floor, held small exhibitions successively, such as "The great Lifetime of Deng Xiao Ping" and "Eulogy for the PRC's national flag".

  Since the foundation of South Lake Revolutionary Memorial, it has never closed even on holidays. With the 500,000 person-time it welcomes annually, the memorial has been proclaimed as “Demonstrative Patriotism Educational Base of Zhejiang Province", province-grade civilized corporation and "Advanced Collectivity in National Cultural Organs".

Contact Information:

Address: Nanhu Road, Jiaxing, Zhejiang

Opening Hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Tel: 0573-2532700 (reception center), 0573-2851918-109 (ticket office)

Website: www.nanhu.com.cn

E-mail: nanhuing@126.com

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