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Wenzhou University
2012-05-30 09:32:32

  Wenzhou University

Wenzhou University is a multi-disciplinary university established in February, 2006, through the merger of Wenzhou Normal College and the former Wenzhou University, with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China. The university can be traced back to the former Wenzhou Normal College, established in 1933 by Mr. Huang Suchu, a famous patriotic Wenzhounese.

Wenzhou University is located in the beautiful and prosperous city of Wenzhou in Zhejiang province. The main campus is located in Higher Education Zone of Wenzhou, with beautiful Luoshan Mountain to its south and splendid Sanyang Wetland to its north. It is an excellent place for students to cultivate their morality and pursue their studies, with a combination of scholarly atmosphere and beautiful natural scenery.

The university covers a total area of 2,295 mu, with a floor space of 1,068,300 square meters. The teaching facilities and research equipment of the university have a total value of 209 million yuan and the library has a collection of 1,910,000 printed books. At present, there are 31,038 full-time students and 2,376 faculty and staff members, among whom 1,431 are full-time teachers, including 170 full professors, 357 associate professors, 199 supervisors of master’s or doctoral candidates, and 220 New Century Academic and Technological Leaders at the provincial or municipal level.

The university has 20 master’s programs, 50 undergraduate programs, 2 state-level featured specialties under construction, 12 provincial key specialties, 2 municipal key specialties, 2 state-level excellent courses, and 24 provincial excellent courses. The specialties for undergraduate studies cover the following eight disciplines: economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, and management. Organic chemistry is a provincial premier discipline. 6 disciplines including Organic Chemistry, Materials Science, Literary Theory, Folklore, Condensed Matter Physics, and Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering are provincial key disciplines. Ecology and Chinese Philology are key disciplines at the municipal level. 4 disciplines including Law, Education, Literature, and Science are among the top 100 in all the universities nationwide and the university ranks the seventh among all the universities in Zhejiang Province in terms of competitiveness according to The Assessment of Chinese Universities released in 2009.

WZU's concept of running the university is "students-centered, quality-based, developing excellence and features while providing educational and research service for the broader community", with "Keep learning and seeking truth with robust pioneering spirits" as the motto of the university. WZU promotes a "3 self-determination" reform for its students, which is to encourage students to choose their majors/specialties, courses in a curriculum, and teachers/tutors on their own; and WZU has the Credit System, Major and Subsidiary Courses System, Double Majors and Double Degrees System carried out. With these efforts, together with others, WZU hopes to achieve the objective of diversification in educational methods and goals. The graduates from WZU are well received by employers both from and outside Wenzhou because of their preparedness and suitability to their jobs and also their open and innovative minds.

WZU had been certified to recruit international students, and it is one of earliest Bases of Chinese Language Education. Many fields are open for WZU to cooperate with foreign institutions of higher learning. WZU takes root in the city of Wenzhou, provides educational service to the whole Zhejiang province, and in the meantime is also targeting opportunities from both home and abroad. WZU is going all out to build itself into a comprehensive university stressing both teaching and research, which highlights the regional characteristics of Wenzhou, and in turn becomes a center of talents fostering and technological innovation for Wenzhou and its neighboring areas. WZU also strives to lead the way in the combination and integration of production, learning and research; to become the training center of teachers for basic education; and to become a dynamic lifelong learning base for the broader community.

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