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Yongjia Refuse Incineration and Power Generation Project
2012-05-30 16:23:31

Yongjia Refuse Incineration and Power Generation Project


Project site:  Yongjia County


Background and construction conditions:

    As per plan, Yongjia shall be arranged in “one center and two axes”, form the county town political, economical and cultural center with Shangtang Town and Oubei Town  and culture urban region function along Oubei development axis and Nanxijiang development axis. The permanent population and transient population in 5 towns (Shangtang, Oubei, Niaoniu, Qiaoxia and Qiaotou) is 450000 and 200000 respectively. The daily domestic refuse is more than 500 tons and it grows at annual rate 10%. Currently, the refuses are disposed with simple land-fill, which covers more lands and seriously contaminates environment. With fast development of social economy and urbanization of Yongjia, ceaseless increase of urban population and constant improvement of people’s life level, the urban refuses urgently require “society- and market-orientated and private-based” disposal.


Construction scale and content:

    The project is sited at Houjiang, Oubei Town, and covers an area 60-mu. It will build a power generation plant to daily and annually burn refuses 500 tons 115200 tons respectively. The main equipment includes two 250-t incinerators and one    7500kW turbine generator. This project requires total investment RMB 169.73 million Yuan and it conducts society- and market-orientated and private-based operation. The county finance departments will bear the water- and power-supply, drainage, telecom, ground leveling and land but the government bears no liability of investment risk. The construction period of the project is 1 year and its business period is 25 years (excluding construction period) and after 25 years it shall be returned to government.


Preparation and progress status:

    The project feasibility study report is under preparation.


Cooperation mode and content:

    Introduction of funds and contracted business after completion

    Yongjia County Development and Reform Bureau and Planning and Yongjia Construction Bureau shall be responsible for project-related formalities and Oubei Town Government and Shangtang Town Government shall be responsible for land acquisition.


Contact mode:

Contact unit: Yongjia County Development and Reform Bureau   

Contact person: Jin Yesen

Tel: 0577-67222528    

Fax: 0577-67226027  

Post code: 325100

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