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Zhoushan Port Promotion Project
2012-05-30 16:22:38

Zhoushan Port Promotion Project


Project site: Zhoushan City


Background and Construction Conditions:

  Zhoushan is located in the center of the southeast coast of China, having excellent deep water bay and comfortable international transportation. The water area of the bay is wide and the port pool is surrounded by islands forming national protection conditions with good avoiding wind and wave advantages. The port area has 11 port regions (Dinghai, Shenjiamen, Gaoting, Sijiao, Liuheng, Jintang, Qushan, Yangshan, Maao, Laotangshan and Luhua port regions). The coastal line is 1538km long including 183.2km with water depth over 10 meters, 82.8km with water depth over 20 meters. The economic inland spans Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo etc city mass and wide Yangtze River area, especially connects with the southeast economic developed area in China. In 2009 Zhoushan linking island land bridges will be put into traffic, then Zhoushan will be in the 3-hour economic service ring with shanghai as center.


Construction scale and contents:

    It is proposed to construct 42 modern container berths, 3 mine berths of 250000-300000 tonnage, 2 oil product berths of 300000 tonnage and several chemical product berths with water depth over 15 meters.


  At the same time, the projects such as cereals and oils processing, wood processing etc. will be introduced. The back land area of 42 container berths will be the convenience for the modern logistics project. The main point is to construct logistics garden and near port industry area.


Cooperation mode and contents:

  Joint venture or solely founded. The project can be comprehensively developed or executed by items (by phases).


Contact mode:

Contact unit: Zhoushan Port Authority

Contact person: Mr. Ma  Mr. Zhao

Address: 1 Dinghai Port Dock, Zhoushan city

Tel: 0580-2067226

Fax: 0580-2067092

Post Code: 316000

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