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Taizhou Port Linhai Port District Construction project
2012-05-30 16:19:45

Taizhou Port Linhai Port District Construction project


Project site:Linhai City


Background and construction conditions:

  Taizhou Port is located in the middle of Zhejiang Coastal area, near Ningbo and Wezhou. Taizhou City domestic economy development is located in the medium-high level of Zhejiang province and belonging to developed districts in China coastal district.  The whole city has formed industry systems including medical chemical industry, mechanic manufacture, plastic model tool, new materials, electricity energy etc. Taizhou Port Linhai Port District is located in wantoumen Island oceanic area, 12km from the mainland. It has good natural conditions to construct port, and has planned to be a conprehensive hub port distrct to construct in Taizhou Port General Plan, it is the center port district for Taizhou Port. The port district has convinient traffic conditions, by port diverging highway, can be connected to provincial road 83, provincial road 75, provincial 34 and the Yongtaiwen Railway in construction, Taijin Expressway and Taijin Railway and the coastal expressway.


Construction scale and content:

    The total investment is 0.74 billion USD to construct 32 sets of 10000-50000 tonnage terminals. The far-future plan is to construct more than 10 sets of 100000-200000 tonnage terninals, including warehouse, transport, storage yard, tax area and logistic area. 


Preparation and progress status:

    Linhai port area has been a comprehensive hub port area listed in <Taizhou Port General Development Plan> and aproved by Zhejiang Province Government. The detail plan of the port area is completed by Zhejiang Provincial Plan Design and Research Institute of Communications and reviewed by experts.  In 2008 March, Taizhou Port Linhai Port Area Construction Administration Committee was set up to be reponsibe for Linhai port district construction. The diverging highway project recommendation report has bee approved.


Cooperation mode and content:

    Joint-venture, cooperation


The cooperation conditions provided by the project party:

    Providing good policy to execute conprehensive development


Contact mode:

Contact person:Chen Xiaogao                 

Address:Shangpan Twon Beiyang Industry Area, Linhai City, Zhejiang Province.

Tel.: 13706760870


Post code:317015

E-mail: gqcxg870@163.com              

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