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Quzhou Orange Processing Project
2012-05-30 16:01:39

Quzhou Orange Processing Project


Project site: Kecheng District, Quzhou City


Background and construction conditions:

    Kecheng District is the national demonstration area of orange industry. The total output of orange was 960 thousand tons in 2008, 4.4% of the nationwide capacity.

The local orange farmers sell mainly the fresh orange due to lack of orange processing units with suitable scale and technology. That affects their interest greatly. To solve only selling fresh orange, it is needed to carry out fine processing of the fresh fruit. It is to enhance the local orange industry too.

The land, 1000Mu, has been programmed as farm products processing area specifically in Hangfu Industrial Zone, Kecheng District, Quzhou City. The registration of land acquisition and served for construction are finished.


Construction scale and content:

    The total investment is RMB 317 million Yuan. The land, 500Mu, is currently used. The floor area of processing factory is 267 thousand sq. m., building 10 production lines for fruit juice, syrup and wine.


Preparation and progress status:

    The land used has been settled and a fence wall completed.


Cooperation mode and content:

    Solely founded. It is funded by the investor. The Chinese partner is in charge of the documents needed and push the project into the group of leading agricultural enterprises.


Contact mode:

Contact unit: Kecheng Development and Innovation Bureau, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Contact person: Mr. Chen Yeqing

Tel: 013362004422

E-mail: cyq4422@126.com

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