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Ningbo Daxie Development Zone Large-sized Aromatic Project
2012-05-30 16:28:47

Ningbo Daxie Development Zone Large-sized Aromatic Project  


Project site: Ningbo City


Background and construction conditions:

    Daxie Development Zone is at middle section of continental coastal line of China and southeast of economical-developed Yangtze Delta and is about 40km from downtown of Ningbo City. The development zone includes Daxie Island and surrounding 13 small islands. Daxie Island covers an area of 30.84 square kilometers and Chuanbi Island is the biggest small island of area 2.23km2. The highways through costal passage, Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway and Ningbo-Jinhua Expressway are directly accessible to main domestic cities. The railway is connected with national railway net through Xiaoshan-Ningbo double-line railway. A lot of chemical-purpose docks and common docks are built within the zone and in 2008 they reached annual throughput of 42 million tons. Its adjacent Beilun Port is opened with 160 routes to main home and abroad ports of about monthly 700 voyages. Daxie has comprehensive superiority geographic position, investment environment and supporting industries and is an ideal site for large-sized along-port industrial project.


    With great investment of foreign and domestic capital in Chinese PTA industry, output of PTA fast expands and the demands on PX (p-xylene) greatly grow. In Daxie Development Zone Mitsubishi Chemical 600000 t/y PTA project is built and put into operation. In Zhejiang Province the production capacity of PTA units is about 5 million tons, the demands on PX are very high and thus the project will have good market prospect.


Construction scale and content:

    This project will use 4 million t/y gas condensate as raw material and build one aromatic united unit which annually produces 928000 tons p-xylene, 398000 tons benzene as well as aviation kerosene, LPG and light naphtha. The project construction contents include gas condensate isolation unit, naphtha hydrofining unit, platforming unit, cyclobutyl sulfone extraction unit, disproportionation and alkyl transfer unit, absorbing isolation unit, isomerization unit, xylene isolation unit and sulfur recovery unit, auxiliary production unit and public project facilities. It also builds project-necessary 849000 cubic meters tank area, including 400000 cubic meters raw material tank area, 288000 cubic meters finished product tank area and 161000 cubic meters intermediate tank area. The project needs total investment 1 billion USD.


Preparation and progress status:

    The project-related fore-phase work is carrying out.


Cooperation mode and content:

    Joint venture or cooperative venture


Outline of Chinese partner

    CITIC Daxie Development Co., Ltd. is the sole-funded sub-company of CITIC. CITIC Daxie Development Co., Ltd. mainly engages in land development, investment in port, dock, chemicals, logistics, real estate and project, as well as in business in Daxie Development Zone. Currently, it owns 10 sole-funded sub-companies and holding companies. CITIC Daxie Development Co., Ltd. desires to make joint venture with corporations of resources and target clients.


Contact mode:

Contact person: Zhang Xiaoyan

Add: Ningbo Daxie Development Zone Economical Development Bureau   

Tel: 0574-86768969

Fax: 0574-86768433

Post code: 315812

E-mail: fairymailbox@163.com 

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