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Hangzhou IT Electronic Telecom Industry Park Project
2012-05-30 16:39:56

Hangzhou IT Electronic Telecom Industry Park Project


Project site: Hangzhou City


Background and construction conditions:

    The information industry is pillar and base industry of national economical development. In the last years, photo-electronic industry in China was fast developed and currently market share of its photo-electronic industry accounts for about 5% of global market share. By 2010 its output value in China will reach 45 billion USD, 10% of total global one. Chinese optical telecom and photo-electronic industry will have a wide growth space. Hangzhou Economical and Technical Development Zone Jiangdong Block is the main field for Hangzhou to realize “Along river development and cross river development” strategy and the future big industry development platform of Hangzhou. IT electronic telecom industry is one of guide industries to be mainly cultured in Jiangdong Block.


    Hangzhou Jiangdong Development, Construction And Investment Co., Ltd. is a company subsidiary to Hangzhou Economical and Technical Development Zone Administration Committee and is responsible for infrastructure construction of the said administration committee within 40 square kilometers of Xiaoshan.


Construction scale and content:

    1. Mobile telecom products manufacture industry: It will on basis of Xiasha Park mobile telecom production enterprises take the good opportunity of development and production of new generation of mobile telecom products and support the key wireless telecom enterprises in Xiasha Development Zone (Motorola, Mitsubishi and Foxconn) to expand re-production in Xinwan Industry Park.

    2. Computer, external device and network equipment manufacture industry. It will strengthen the notebook computer industry chain headed by Toshiba in Xiasha Park and intensify investment in. It will rely on the maturated integral computer manufacture base, intensify the related supporting industry and form a professional, diversified industry group of computer network products together with network equipment and external device.

    3. Photo telecom and photo-electronic industry. It will accept production transfer of photo-electronic industry from Japan, Taiwan and Korea. It will develop photo storage photo telecom, photo telecom materials and elements (including flat panel display), fully play the driving action of key enterprises and form centralized industry.


Construction scale and content:

Joint venture or cooperative venture

Contact mode:

Contact person: Shen Jiangli               

Add: Cross of 3# Road, 6# Road, Hangzhou Economical and Technical Development Zone

Tel: 0571-82195022

Fax: 0571-82199302

Post code: 310018

E-mail: jiangli1003@126.com

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