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Taizhou Costal Industry Belt Investment Invitation Project
2012-05-30 16:34:15

Taizhou Costal Industry Belt Investment Invitation Project


    Taizhou costal industry belt denotes the costal belt-shaped entity and industry gallery which takes the reform and expansion project of Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway as its main axis, extends westwards by about 5km and eastwards to sea, includes east portion of Taizhou urban area, Linhai City, Wenling City and Sanmen County and entire Yuhuan County, and has inherent features, unique superiority and advantageous conditions of collection and distribution. It is the main platform for building for Taizhou region of Wenzhou-Taizhou costal industry belt的and the main strategy field of three-Taizhou (continent Taizhou, marine Taizhou and outwards Taizhou).


    Taizhou costal industry belt involves with Taizhou’s 6 costal counties (cities, districts) and Taizhou economical development zone and has total continent area 2190 square kilometers and marine area 6910 square kilometers. It mainly includes 12 big industry blocks and has total area about 760 square kilometers, including under-reclaiming area 201.73 square kilometers.


    Taizhou costal industry belt has good image, the stepped development pattern is basically formed, the major infrastructures and important projects are orderly undertaken, its industrial structure is overall transformed and upgraded, and the achievements of mutual development of urban, industry and ecology become remarkable.


1. Advantageous regional conditions

    Within the industry belt there are important regional traffic facilities, such as airport, port, expressway and railway. Currently, the old airport is reformed and expanded. In future a new civil airport will be built to increase airport throughput and improve the service level. The construction plan for 6 ports is finished and thus the service capacity of port facilities will be further increased. South-north Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Railway is under construction and east-west Jinhua-Taizhou Railway is listed in the plan. Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway   reform and expansion project will be started. Construction of regional traffic facilities will further extend the radiation and affecting range of Taizhou and the industry belt, intensify its liaison with key urban circles of Yangtze Delta and the strait western economical area, and provide a wide web land and great guaranty for construction and development of industry belt.


2. Sound industry base

    In the manufacture field, it has vital and characteristic industries and highly competitive products. It has a good base in automobile, ship building, metal disassembly and regeneration, and medicine. The development of downstream trade markets of heavy chemical industry is rather maturated, and motorcycle and automobile fittings, top grade metallic wares, chemical raw drug, household electrical appliances, plastic products and molds are listed under provincial key-cultured national-wide manufacture center and industry base. Totally 12 regional products are titled as state-level town (township, center or base).


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