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Liuheng Island XiaoHu Marine Equipment Project
2012-05-30 16:30:46

Liuheng Island XiaoHu Marine Equipment Project


Project site: Zhoushan City


Background and construction conditions:

    Liuheng Island is situated in the south sea area of Zhoushan and in the throat of Hangzhou Bay sea outlet, where the Yangtse River, Qiantang River and Yong River go into the sea, 7.5km away from Ningbo Beilun Port in the west and 24.8km away from famous Shenjiamen fishing port in the north. There are main international deep water channel from Shanghai port, Ningbo port and Zhoushan port to the world around the island. It is the hinge linking Hangzhou Bay and Yangtse Delta. Nowadays, its marine industry is in the large scale, emerging many large size marine enterprises such as Zhongyuan, Xinya, Longshan and Dongpeng etc. The annual output reached RMB 10000 million Yuan in 2008. Xiaohu Industry Zone lies in the southeast of Liuheng Island, covering 1700Mu area. As marine equipment industry zone, it features long coast, wide hinterland, convenient transportation and speedy communication.


Construction scale and content:

    The marine equipment industry mainly includes hull block construction , outfitting pieces and pipes processing, diesel engine fitting.


Preparation and progress status:

    The infrastructure construction will be completed in 2009.


Contact mode :

Contact unit: Putuo District Business Invitation Bureau in Zhoushan City

Contact person:  Mr. Yang

Tel: 0580-3027286, 0580-3012117

Fax: 0580-3012117     

Address: 48 #Xinjie, Shenjiamem, Putuo District, Zhoushan City

Postcode: 316100

Email: zsyanghh@163.com

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