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Zhoushan Xingang Industry Block Investment Invitation
2012-05-30 16:30:09

Zhoushan Xingang Industry Block Investment Invitation


Project site: Zhoushan City


Background and construction conditions:

    The project-sited Zhoushan Economical Development Zone is a provincial-level economical development zone, consists of Area A (Bingang Industry Block), Area B (Xingang Industry Block) and Area C (Lingang Industry Block) and is the most important industry group and the modern new industry base of Zhoushan City. Xingang Industry Block forms a triangle with urban area and new Lincheng area. They are apart away within 7km and connected with urban fast trunk and their resources are highly joint-enjoyable. One side of the region joins sea and has 8km deep water coastal line. The coastal line is deep, straight, unfreezing, nonsilting and suitable for building over 150000-tonnage dock. It is near the international channel and has advantageous conditions for building port. The development zone welcomes all friends of both home and abroad to make investment and provides excellent services.


Construction scale and content:
    Xingang Industry Block has total planned area 40 square kilometers and is divided into Area A and Area B. In near future it will mainly develop Area A. Area A has total area 11 square kilometers and it will be built in 2 phases. The first phase has construction area about 5.5 square kilometers and the land belongs to state-encouraged industry-transfer saltern and has obvious superiority in policy. The second phase has construction area of about 6.0 square kilometers and the land consists of the reclaimed beach and a few of low-output salt marsh. It will mainly develop along-port industry and gradually form a new industry pattern consisting of energy industry, mechanical, electrical and ship apparatus, marine high-tech industry, port logistics, technical consultation, finance and commerce.

Preparation and progress status:
    The capital construction of Zhoushan Economical Development Zone Xingang Industry Block is overall started, urban water-supply net and electricity-supply net are built in the entire zone, the necessary services such as telecom, finance and commerce are increasingly perfect, the production conditions are maturated and production elements are complete.

Cooperation mode and content :
    Lease of land, construction or lease standard plant house


Contact mode:
Contact unit: Zhoushan Economical Development Zone Administration Committee

Contact person: Ye Tongjie

Add: Xingang Industry Base, Beichan Township, Dinghai District, Zhoushan City  

Tel: 0580-8061899 13857228898     

Fax: 0580-8061811

Post code: 316013

E-mail: office@zsedz.cn

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