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Taizhou Binhai Sewage Treatment Project
2012-05-30 16:24:40

Taizhou Binhai Sewage Treatment Project


Project site: Luqiao District, Taizhou City


Background and construction conditions:

    Binhai Industry Park is one of 4 “one center and four veins” groups of Taizhou City. It is planned to become a modern chemical industry base of convenient traffics, advanced technology and good ecological environment and will become the future new industrial town and urban area of Taizhou City. Currently, the park is built with no sewage treatment plant and the sewage is collected and then directly discharged to water body, which increasingly worsens the water environment quality. Building of Luqiao District Binhai Sewage Treatment Project will minimize contamination of surface and ground water sources by arbitrary discharge of sewage and improve the regional ecological environment.


Construction scale and content:  

    Its near future construction scale is 19500t/d (to 2010), middle-period scale 40000t/d (to 2015) and future scale 100000t/d (to 2020). In the near future it will build a 19500t/d sewage treatment plant which adopts Carrousel oxidation ditch process and executes water Grade-I A discharge standard, one sewage lifting pump station, 10.68km grade-I pipeline net (DN1200-DN1500) and 10.68km grade-II pipeline net (DN400-DN800). The estimated investment of the project is RMB 200 million Yuan.


Preparation and progress status:

    The project proposal is approved by Luqiao District Development and Reform Bureau and the site is approved by Luqiao District Planning Department. The feasibility study, environmental impact assessment and water source protection are under preparation by design unit. The land is under acquisition formalities.


Cooperation mode and content:

    Cooperation in BOT mode

    The running fee shall be paid from the sewage treatment fee charged within the service range.


Cooperation conditions provided by the Chinese partner:

    The Chinese partner Luqiao District Binhai Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. will supply land and complete the fore-phase works.


Contact mode:

Contact person: Chi Wenyong     

Add: Shangbao Village, Luoyang Sub-district, Luqiao District, Taizhou City (Luqiao District Binhai Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd.)

Tel: 0576—82960601     

Fax: 0576—82960607

Post code: 318050

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