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Wenling Magnetic Suspension Dual-Stator High-Energy Motor Ship Power Production Project
2012-05-30 16:47:08

Wenling Magnetic Suspension Dual-Stator High-Energy Motor Ship Power Production Project


Project site: Wenling City


Background and construction conditions:

    The magnetic suspension dual-stator high-energy motor changes the traditional motor structure, adopts novel design principle, fully and effectively utilizes field induction electromotive force, ensure high-effective running of system, and is a low-consumption and high-energy motor which may be used in pure power and in power generation. This invention patent is widely used in car field and the car and bus reformed with this patent get good achievement in many exhibition.

In China, there are 950000 marine fishing ships, including 510000 mechanical-powered ships and the ships of age over 20 years account for 40%. Overall reform drive system of partial small power old ships and building full electrical-driving marine fishing ship will play important role in protecting marine ecological environment and resources, greatly reducing product cost and increasing fisher’s economical benefits. This project involves full electrical-driving ship, consumes no oil generates no waste gas and contamination, is standard energy-saving environmental protection products and conforms to state research orientation and industry development guidance.


Construction scale and content:

    The project needs total investment 10.58 million USD and in the first phase it will build  18000 square meters of plant house and related necessary facilities, precise machining center and program-control analogy ship test bed.


Preparation and progress status:

    The project land is placed.


Cooperation mode and content:

    Joint venture, Chinese partner 51%, foreign partner’s investment in form of cash


Contact mode:

Contact unit: China Huafu Holding Group

Contact person: Ye Zhiming     

Add: 8# Binhai Road, Songmen Town, Wenling City    

Tel: 15868613526    

Fax: 0576-86177722

Post code: 317511

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