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Jiaxing Polyether Polyol Production Project
2012-05-30 16:46:23

Jiaxing Polyether Polyol Production Project


Project site: Jiaxing City   


Background and construction conditions:

    Polyether polyol is the important derived product of propylene oxide and one of main raw materials for synthesis of PU. Polyether polyol is divided into 3 types. Type I polyether polyol (PPG) is prepared from reaction of raw material polyol or organic amine with propylene oxide polymer (or copolymer of propylene oxide with ethylene oxide) and currently is the main polyether polyol product in China. Type II polymeric polyether polyol (POP) is the modified polyether polyol through graft polymerization of PPG parent with vinyl monomer. Type III polyether polyol is polytetrahydrofuran type polyol (PTMEG) prepared through homogenous polymerization or copolymerization of tetrahydrofuran and is mainly in PU elastomer and fiber.


    Currently, the domestic polyether polyol output is much lower than its demands and the demands of polyether in rigid foam fast grow and about 56% of rigid foam is used in refrigerator, freezer and cold store and 25% in building. In developed countries, 49% polyether is used in building and thus polyether will have a high market potential in Chinese building industry. In the last years the markets of coating, adhesive, sealant and elastomer were fast developed and thus polyether will play much important role. With fast development of automobile industry, the demands of polyether in car PU components will fast grow. Diversified consumption structure of polyether becomes one of important elements of further development of this industry.


    Jiaxing Port Area owns state-level Jiaxing Export Processing Area and state grade-I open port-Jiaxing Port. New chemical material industry is the first pillar industry of the port area, currently forms perfect industry chain and cyclic economy and is qualified in acceptance of New Chemical Materials (Jiaxing) Park. The park mainly develops new chemical material industry in engineering plastic, silicon series products, synthetic rubber, new flame retardant, PU and water treating agent.


Construction scale and content:

    It needs total investment 200 million USD and annually produces 250000 tons of polyether polyol.


Preparation and progress status:

    The investment invitation project is raised by Jiaxing Port Area on basis of its sources and in combination of actual conditions of the development zone and the development zone will provide perfect necessary facilities and a line of services for the project.


Cooperation mode and content:

    Sole-funded or joint venture


Contact mode:

Contact person: Ling Yue  

Add: Jiaxing Port Area Investment Invitation Bureau

Tel: 0573-85581735

Fax: 0573-85581735

Post code: 314201

E-mail: Zhejiang_zhapu@126.com.

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