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China Tea Museum
2012-05-27 21:11:37

China Tea Museum


    China Tea Museum is the unique one that contributes genuinely and dedicatedly to tea and tea culture in China. Established in the home of the West Lake Longjing Tea in Hangzhou, 1991, it occupied 3.7 hectares. The museum building group backs on Wulao Apex, consists of a few South China native characterized buildings such as exhibition building, masses tea house, custom tea garden, international peace tea culture intercommunication mansion and multi-function building. Meandering mazes connect the different buildings, flowers, trees, grasses in the mountain harmonizes gently with pink walls and red tiles of the tea garden, emanating a simple cleaning and natural fragrance of Chinese traditional countryside sceneries.

    The exhibition building plays the leading role in the museum. There are different theme exhibitions. For example, the history of tea, the custom of drinking, the art of tea service, collection of reputable teas and tea and health. By displays of historic culture relics, these themes traces out the development of China's centuries-old tea culture, and give a direct feeling of the rich connotation in the culture.

    China Tea Museum is not only the primary tea historic culture relics collection center of the country, but also the main research center for Chinese tea and tea culture. Most of the academic and cultural intercommunication activities about tea producing and culture researches are frequently held there.

    Tea is the symbolization of peace and friendship. It unites people all over the world. The International Peace Tea Culture Intercommunication Mansion includes a report hall, a reception hall and a foreign tea culture exhibition hall. It opens a window to the country and abroad, presenting the image of Chinese tea, and provides a broader stage for domestic and international tea cultural researches and intercommunications.


Contact Information:

Address: 88 Longjing Road, Hangzhou

Zip Code: 310013

Opening Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Tel: 0571-87964221

Fax: 0571-87982096

Website: http://www.teamuseum.cn

E-mail: service@teamuseum.cn

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