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Liangzhu Culture Museum
2012-05-27 21:13:04

Liangzhu Culture Museum


    Located in Liangzhu Township, northern suburb of Hanzhou city in Zhejiang Province, it is 17 kilometers away from the city center. After the former President Jiang Zemin inscribed its name, the museum officially opened in May, 1994.

    Liangzhu Culture is a well developed ancient culture around Tai Lake Valley 5300-4000 years ago, named after the Liangzhu Township discovered by Mr.Shi Xingeng of the West Lake Museum in 1936.According to archaeological research, the forefathers of Liangzhu took the lead into paddy-plough agricultural age, and researchers have discovered obvious trends of specialization in handicraft industry at that time. Especially, the developed jade producing technology presents great achievements of this culture. The separation between national graves and civil graves at that time emerges an intensive social polarization. The "ancient characters" in jade articles and rockeries of Liangzhu Age are considered "eve of mature Chinese characters". And some specialists have already acknowledged that the Chinese Culture maybe stems from Liangzhu.

    The connotation of this culture lies in "Liangzhu site group" around the museum. Culture Bureau of The State expects this group to be a demonstration of Chinese 5,000 year’s old culture.


Contact Information:

Address: 164 Liangbo Road, Hangzhou

Zip Code: 311113

Opening Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Tuesday through Sunday, closed on Mondays (except on national holidays)

Tel: 0571-88778900, 0571-88770700

Fax: 0571-88770700

Website: http://www.liangzhuculturemuseum.com

E-mail: lzcm@liangzhuculturemuseum.com

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