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Zhou Yao Insect Museum
2012-05-27 21:20:55

Zhou Yao Insect Museum


  This museum is built in honor of the famous entomologist Professor Zhou Yao's outstanding contributions. There are four exhibition halls within: the first hall depicts Professor Zhou's stories about his patriotism and devotion to science. The second hall is about Professor Zhou's scientific achievements, comprises his masterpieces, essays and scientific journals. This hall also treasures up pictures of insects drafted by himself, which was regarded as masterworks in biology circles. The third hall displays specimens collected by Professor Zhou Yao in the past 50 years. The fourth hall is named "Butterfly Hall”, which includes more than 1,300 specimens of butterfly, some of which are donated by foreign countries.

Contact Information:

Address: Dong Qian Lake, Qing County
Telephone: 0574-7344653

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