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Xikou Museum
2012-05-27 21:19:47

Xikou Museum

Xikou Museum locates in Wu Ling, Xikou national key beauty spot. The site Wu Shan Temple is former Jiang Family's Ancestral Temple. There was a close relationship between Jiang Family and Wu Shan Temple. The ancestors of Jiang Family had been in charge of this temple for a long time, and all the momentous activities were held there. At the beginning of Republic of China, this temple is built into Wu Tian Elementary School, where Jiang Jing Guo once studied.

In 1985, the PRC appropriated special funds to repair Wu Shan Temple, and rebuilt it into a museum, first opened during the Spring Festival of 1988.Xi Kou Museum is a synthetic museum of local customs. Currently there are two basic theme exhibitions, “The folk-custom and amorous feelings of Feng Hua" and "Footprints-national leaders and Honored guests' stay in Feng Hua".


Contact Information:

Address: 33 Wuling Road, Xikou, Fenghua

Opening Hours: 7:45 am - 5:30 pm

Tel: 0574-88850311

Website: http://www.xikoutourism.com/news/Show.asp?id=938


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