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Tianyi Pavilion Museum
2012-05-27 21:18:18

Tianyi Pavilion Museum

  This museum is in the west of Ningbo. There are three sectors in the museum, the library culture section, garden joy sector and exhibition sector. The library culture sector is based on Tian Yi Bibliotheca, including Dong Ming Cao Hall, Fan's Former Residence, Zun Jing Pavilion, Ming Zhou Stele Group and Qian Jin Hall. Tian Yi Hall is a national key culture relics protection unit, the first bibliotheca that remained in China. Garden joy sector comprises twin scenic sites, East Garden and South Garden; both are built after the foundation of PRC. The East Garden opened in October 1986 while the South Garden was completed in 1997.This twin gardens is famous for the elegant and bright atmosphere. Exhibition sector consists of Qing's Branch Temple, calligraphy hall, Fu Rong Zhou and Wen Family Ancestor Temple. This sector brings out the panorama of Ningbo's historical culture, calligraphy and painting.


Contact Information:

Address: 10 Tianyi Street, Ningbo

Zip Code: 315010

Tel: 0574-87293526

Website: http://www.tianyige.com.cn

E-mail: tyg@tyg-cangshu.com


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