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Lanting Calligraphy Museum
2012-05-27 21:25:08

Lanting Calligraphy Museum

  Lanting Calligraphy Museum reposes on the bank of Lanxi River, at the foot of Lanzhu Mountain. The construct acreage is 780 square meters. Its figure, color and style harmonize with Lanting ancient architecture perfectly, making the construction an integration of modernization and ethic characteristics. At the 5th Shaoxing Calligraphy Festival, April 5th 1989, this museum officially opened to the public.

  On the first floor of museum, there are three exhibition halls with two themes, known as "The brief history of Chinese calligraphy" and "The four treasures of the study”. The second floor is a calligraphy communication hall, where calligraphists from all over the world may talk about this art form and its development with each other.
    "The brief history of Chinese calligraphy" exhibition consists of rubbings, former version books and photographs, introducing the great changes, developments in Chinese Calligraphy history, and masters of different character style in each dynasty.
    Every year on March 3rd of Chinese calendar, Lanting museum conducts a Calligraphy Festival. During the festival, an exhibition called "The best selections of Ming and Qing Dynasty calligraphy works" always attracts most visitors' sight. This activity first started in 2000. Every time this exhibition is appreciated by calligraphists from home and abroad.


Contact Information:

  Address: 11 kilometers southwest of Shaoxing (at the foot of Lanzhu Mountain)

Zip Code: 312045

Tel: 0575-4606886, 4609035, 4600899, 4606885, 4606887

Fax: 0575-4606885

Website: http://www.lantingtour.com

E-mail: webmaster@lantingtour.com

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