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Cai Yuanpei’s Former Residence
2012-05-27 21:24:53

Cai Yuanpei’s Former Residence


  Cai Yuanpei's Former Residence locates in Bifei Alley, southern part of Shaoxing city. It was opened to the public on January 11th 1988, at Mr.Cai's 120 birth anniversary.
    Cai Yuanpei was born in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, known as a reputable democratic revolutionist, educationalist and scientist of China in the modern times. Mr. Cai Yuan Pei passed away in 1940, Hong Kong, when the country cried for his death. Former president Mao Zedong telegraphed his condolence, greatly appraised Mr.Cai's achievements and characters, speaking of him as "Master in academy, Model on the land of the living".
    Mr.Cai's residence is built in the end of Ming Dynasty. It occupies 1,138 square meters; the construct acreage is 686 square meters. The principal building includes three layers, gate hall, main hall and a seating hall. The gate stele is inscribed by art master Liu Haisu. A bust sculpture of Mr. Cai in the middle of main hall is produced by Professor Wang Dajin of Shanghai Canvas and Sculpture College. Wing-rooms on both sides exhibit Cai Yuanpei's lifetime stories. These exhibition halls consist of six theme parts, systematically introduced Cai Yuanpei's resplendent life.
    This residence collects abundant precious relics, including examination sheets written by Marcia during his youth hood and cyclopedia of English version used by him.

Contact Information:

Address: 13 Bifei Alley, Shaoxing

Zip Code: 312000

Opening Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Tel: 0575-5136580

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